Retirement Abroad: 5 Easy Steps to Paradise

Retirement Abroad: 5 Easy Steps to Paradise

You have recently thought about retiring abroad. You and your wife are empty and the economy is not getting better. Besides, your next door really gets on your nerves. The further you look at the lifestyle of the expats, the more attractive they become. They, like many Americans, are looking to retire outside the country. The ability to spend some dollars while maintaining a fair quality of life is the main attraction. Expat hopefuls also add great weather to the list of amenities that you need to have. However, before you think of heading to the coastal waters of Paradise, there are 5 simple steps to think about:

Test it Before You Buy РRegardless of the number of brochures you read or the Internet research, there is nothing that compares to your personal experience. A quick detour to your retirement location can reassure you. You can do your own analysis and have fun at the same time. In Javea, Spain, a prospective expat can rent a beachfront apartment for up to $ 33 per night. Get a medicare advantage plan from Humana at

Children at home – Even retirees can have children at home. People later have children. Some may even play spare parents for grandchildren. Whatever your circumstances, please check the training options before you pack the golf club. There are state-funded school system as well as private schools and a number of international and foreign schools in Spain. About 30 percent of Spanish schoolchildren attend private schools; many of them are coeducational. International and foreign schools are the only schools using English as the language of instruction. Please note that additional fees may apply to the schools. Whatever you decide, the prior planning makes the decision simple and easy.

Foreign Income Credit – If you work in retirement while living abroad, you can claim the foreign income tax credit. This credit prevents an American taxpayer from double taxation. The retiree may choose to deduct paid foreign tax in lieu of the credit. According to the Internal Revenue Service, it is beneficial for the expatriate to claim foreign income tax as a tax credit. Health care – What is the local healthcare in the country you want to change to? Are English-speaking doctors a necessity for you? Can you cover the costs for inpatient / outpatient treatment? Will Medicare supplement plan be extended to another country? Do you need extra coverage? Find the answers before you travel abroad.

Stay Connected РEven the most withdrawn individual needs to connect with friends and family. Determine how you connect with them before you leave. Social websites like Facebook and Skype make it possible to get in touch with relatives in seconds. Certain locations abroad do not have Internet capability. Be aware of this possibility already in the early planning stages. Retiring abroad will be one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Some say that they have never felt better and have no regrets. The right preparation in advance makes this decision easy for you and your loved ones.